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Yusuf Bala Nayaya,Kano.

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Kungiyar nan mai rajin warware rikici da samar da zaman lafiya a Najeriya (CS-CRIN) ta fara aikin ba da horo ga wasu kungiyoyin mata uku a jihar Kano Arewa maso Yammacin Najeriya a kokarin da suke na tallafa wa alโ€™umma tun daga tushe.



Wannan na kunshe ne cikin jawabin da shugaban kungiyar ta CS-CRIN Mista Adeniyi Aremu ya fitar a lokacin wata tattaunawa tsakanin kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu da kafafan yada labarai karkashin shirin โ€œKarfafa ayyukan kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu ta hanyar yi masu jagora a jihar Kano.โ€



Yace shirin na da burin a karfafa gwiwar kungiyoyi ta yadda za su cika muradunsu na zama cikakkun kungiyoyi masu taimakon alโ€™umma.



“Muna basu horo ne da yi masu jagoranci ta yadda za su yi aiki mai nagarta cikin sauki.โ€



Yace wadannan kungiyoyi da aka zaba suna da nagarta da za su iya bibiyar gwamnati kan ayyukan da take wa alโ€™umma a dukkanin fannoni a yankunansu.



โ€œMuna tsammanin kungiyoyin da suka samu horo da jagoranci za su iya gudanar da ayyukansu cikin gaskiya da adalci a ayyukan da suke yi.โ€



A cewar sa cikin kungiyoyi 15 da suka nemi samun wannan horo, uku kawai aka dauka wadannan kuwa sune: Kungiya da ke kula da masu larurar damuwa ta Positive Pathways Initiative (PPI), da kungiyar tallafar mata da marayu ta Alkhairi Orphanage and Women Development (AOWD) da mai tallafar wadanda ke neman hakki a gaban shariโ€™a ta Chabeer Dawee Foundation for Community Development domin su suka cika kaโ€™idojin da ake bukata.



Jagora a kungiyar Chabeer Dawee Foundation for Community Development, Fatima Aliyu Chabeer wacce ke zama lauya, kungiyar ta ta mayar da hankali kan taimakon marasa galihu a kotunan shariโ€™a. Ta ce ta fuskanci kalubale kan yadda za ta gudanar da aikinta a kungiyarta har sai lokacin da ta samu jagoranci daga Kungiyar CS-CRIN.



โ€œIna da shaโ€™awa kan tallafar marasa galihu a kotuna amma ya zan gudanar da mafarkina shine kalubale har sai lokacin da na gamu Mr. Aremu da ya taimaka min.โ€



Ita ma da take ba da nata labarin Hajiya Rukayya Abdurrrahman babbar darakta a kungiyar Alkhairi Orphanage and Women Development (AOWD) ta ce โ€œTun a shekarar 2018 na yi wa kungiyata rijista da Hukumar CAC amma duk bukatun da muka gabatar don neman daukar nauyi basu samu amincewa saboda kungiyarmu ta rasa wasu muhimman abubuwa da tsari har sai da muka samu haduwa da Mista Aremu da ya dora mu a kan hanya ta samun kungiya cikakkiya.โ€



Ita ma a nata martini Rukayya Umar Tofa shugabar kungiyar Path Ways Initiative (PPI), da ke tallafar masu larurar damuwa ta ce duk da cewa suna da tsari amma akwai wasu wurare da muke da rauni kamar tattara bayanai. Amma zuwan CS-CRIN ya taimaka mana matuka. Domin manufofin mu da abin da muka sa a gaba yanzu a bayyane suke.โ€



Kungiyar CS-CRIN ta dauki damara ta bunkasa ayyukan kungiyoyi masu tallafar alโ€™umma daga tushe da ake kira (CBOs) musamman na matasa da mata d shugabannin alโ€™umma da na addini baya ga saura karkashin shiri da ke samun tallafi na Kungiyar Tarayyar Turai ta EU da British Council da Kungiyar Agent for Citizens Transformation.



Yusuf Bala.


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